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…is an Italian association specialized in the management of European projects concerning mobility of the Erasmus + programme. It organizes professional formation activities for students and teachers/educators from all over Europe.

Cultura e Dintorni has been working for years together with partners involved in the management of formation programmes, with European partnerships and with public and private Apulian bodies, which host young people and educators from all over Europe.

The mission is to offer the European young people the opportunity to join internships in companies, professional tours and itineraries; while for teachers and educators, it offers the chance to take part to specialized courses, seminars and professional tours. Our main goal is to offer high-quality services in order to assure benefits concerning formative, professional and personal fields.

The strong point is Apulia, a region of southern Italy, where young people can train surrounded by beautiful locations.

Cultura e Dintorni can count on an expert staff, specialized in the international mobility sector, which knows and understands the needs of a sending organization.


Our courses
Our courses
Tourism & Puglia
Tourism & Puglia
Training Internships Abroad
Training Internships Abroad

Cultura e Dintorni

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Worked Based Learning 2.0
23 Feb
Worked Based Learning 2.0
Titolo del progetto: “Worked Based Learning 2.0” Numero del progetto: 2016-1-ES01-KA202-025441 ... per saperne di più...
Practical Training Abroad
26 Sep
Practical Training Abroad
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Smart Mobility Across Europe
05 Sep
Smart Mobility Across Europe
“Smart Mobility Across Europe” Azione KA1 mobilità individuale a scopo di apprendimento &n... per saperne di più...

About Us...

We enjoyed in Martina Franca a lot. We liked nature, food, architecture and of course people very much here. We will miss you a lot!!! Thank you very much! Good luck!
I love this experience because I learn a lot of things from people where I have working, I bring home a lot knowledge and good memories. This change my mind, and look to problem face to face.
This experience was unique and amazing, the Italian culture is amazing, everything was amazing in Italy. Thank you!
Nicolae Ciprian
My experience in Italy is the best from whole my life.
It was interesting to work in companies with foreign people and get along with them and visit beautiful places that have not been seen at all.
Alexandru George
"En mi caso la empresa es inmejorable Fran mi jefe ha sido un apoyo muy grande para decidir sobre mi futuro profesional y tratandome como parte de su familia"
Aitor Sanchez Perez
"La gente es super amable y los voy a echar de menos y ojala los viese otra vez para volver a vivir otra experiencia tan bonita como esta"      
Aaron Ranchal Lacasa
"Mi función dentro de la empresa ha sido gratificante y positiva, he aprendido muchas cosas que me serán útiles en el presente y en el futuro, todas las personas que he co...
Silvia Alvares Crespo
"Ha sido una experiencia excelente , he aprendido una lengua nueva, la forma de vida en Martina Franca y como se trabaja, ha sido una experiencia insuperable."
Miguel Alfonzo
"Una experiencia nueva,bonita,refrescante y muy agradable. Me ha encantado conocer a todas las personas con las que he tenido contacto, es un país bonito con una gran cultura"
Nacho Gil
"Me ha encantado haber podido tener esta oportunidad de realizar las practicas en otro país y conocer la lengua, cultura y costumbres de otras personas."
Cynthia Gomez Martinez
"Una nueva experiencia la cual tenía muchas ganas de emprender y he aprendido una nueva cultura y lengua."
Mauri Lloret Tormos
"He aprendido mucho de la lengua, la cultura y también en el trabajo,he convivido mucho con los italianos y he descubierto que somos muy similares tanto en cultura como en la forma de ser."
Abel Benavent Gomis